I See Things

If you want it, you can have it
But you’ve got to learn to reach out there and grab it *

Turns out my backyard is a pretty interesting place. And I never would have realized that had it not been for Dan at dcr Blogs, who tagged me with a photo meme.

The object is to post four or more photos of things you see within 100 meters of your home. Aaaand . . . sorry, but that “meters” thing has never really caught on here in the States, so Dan helpfully figured out the equivalent in standard units: 328 feet and 1 inch.

It’s a good thing they threw that extra inch in there, or I might not have been able to see this:


Look! It’s our new neighbors’ car. Parked in their backyard. Why, you may ask? Why, indeed. I think it’s so that when they blare music from their car radio, the noise can more easily enter my office window and drive me insane. Thanks, neighbor!

Let’s find something nicer to look at.


Ooh! A water droplet. Can you believe I captured this on film? Those are nasturtium leaves, BTW. Nasturtiums are not supposed to be perennials, but in my garden, they come back every year. Supposedly you can eat their flowers, but who’s brave enough to try that?


Whoa, tiny baby watermelons! I grew these from seeds. Those weird pink things are my actual fingers. Even though the watermelons grew and thrived, I was scared to eat them. I guess I only trust store-bought watermelon.


Grape tomatoes! These are Sungold variety and are the sweetest, most delicious tomatoes you’ll ever eat. Some call them nature’s candy. I call that ridiculous, because ain’t no way a vegetable is candy. But they are good.

Enough of flora, let’s find some fauna.


Have you ever seen a bunny lying on its side like that? I haven’t. And neither has Gus, whose blurry nose you can see in the foreground. And speaking of Gus . . .


. . . it’s Gus! He likes to burrow around among the plants and flowers and pretend he’s a wild beast of the jungle. I don’t know how wild you can feel on a leash, but he looks pretty fierce.


My mom rents garden space in my backyard, and for some reason, milkweed grows abundantly and solely in her plot. I like milkweeds because they attract Monarch butterflies (seen here). My mom pulls them up whenever she sees them. My mom hates nature! (kidding)

And finally


Now, this might be cheating a bit, because I didn’t actually see this from 100 meters, but it happened within 100 meters of my house. Kids, this is what happens when you keep tipping back in your chairs. Don’t worry. I wasn’t injured, and neither were my sunglasses.

And that brings us to a close. I hope you enjoyed my 100 Meters Photo selections.

Thanks to Andy Bailey with Vegan Momma and Lalla-Mira for starting this cool meme.

* Today’s lyrics are courtesy of Weezer