I Announce the WINNERS of the Haiku Contest

Celebrate, celebrate
Dance to the music *


OMG! Can you hardly stand the excitement?!

We have two deserving winners, folks, and the fact that they also happened to be the only two entrants doesn’t make their haikus any less fantastic.

The challenge, if you recall, was to write a haiku about I Do Things. This they did, with style and humor. May I present, in order of submission:


I’m new to this blog.
Until today I thought that
J.D. was a man.



Found you through Stumble
Glad that I came by to see
You make me laugh girl!

Aren’t they awesome? And that’s not all. So desperate to win the fabulous prize package, they each submitted follow-up haikus:


I think you should let
Me and Cardiogirl win
I miss Las Vegas.


I agree with Kath
We were first, it’s only fair
Let us take it all!

Hee! Anyway, I’m pleased to announce Kathy and Cardiogirl as the winners of the fabulous Las Vegas prize package. I’m also very happy to have “met” these funny and smart women, and I suggest you visit their blogs, as they are witty, thoughtful, well-written, and unique.

Kathy and Cardiogirl, please send me your addresses via my Contact Form at the top of the page or at my e-mail: idothings AT yahoo.com.

* Today’s lyrics are courtesy of Three Dog Night.

** Like the blue background of today’s graphic? That’s “JD Blue“!