I’m Goin’ to Vegas

Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn
So get those stakes up higher *


And I’m coming back with prizes for three lucky I Do Things readers. More on that when I return.

This will be the fourth time my mom and I have “done” Vegas. “Doing” Vegas for us means lazing by the pool, walking up and down the strip, eating at buffets, going to bed at nine, playing video poker (me), finding the nearest Starbucks (Mom), having a spa day (me), and flirting with all the fake Elvises (Mom).

On our last visit I got sick (you haven’t done Vegas till you’ve ordered tea and toast from room service. That’s what I call a high-roller). The time before that I (1) lost my camera and (2) won $300 at craps (and bought a new camera). Our first trip was so jam-packed with activities I barely remember it. A neon blur punctuated by buffet lines. But fun.

I don’t know what this trip will come to be known as. Hopefully just as 5 days of R & R for both of us. We need it and we deserve it.

And, no, I didn’t quite make it into the green pants, but you know what I did? I bought myself a NEW pair of green pants! So, suck on that, SlimFast!

* Today’s lyrics are . . . kind of . . . courtesy of Elvis Presley.