I Made a Video of My Cats so you don’t have to

We’re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty


I am one of those crazy cat ladies. Luckily, I married someone who, while not a crazy cat man at the beginning, turned into one almost overnight.

The reason for this transformation was Simone.

Simone came to us in the fall of 1990, just 5 months after we got married. We had thought Dave was allergic to cats, but no one could be allergic to Simone.

Simone had a magical orange spot in the center of her head and the uncanny ability to make everyone fall in love with her. She escaped her leash once while in a park and, after running in terror from a dog, climbed a tree. With no claws.

A year later, Kilbey came along. He played with Q-Tips and had a soft, marshmallowy stomach pouch that swung briskly from side to side when he ran, which was rare. He liked to play while lying down.


Simone and Kilbey loved each other, washed each other, slept with each other, and play-fought together.

Kilbey succumbed to liver disease at age 11.

After 8 months, there was Gus. Gus made kitty biscuits on my neck (ow) and thought his litterbox was under our bed (it most assuredly wasn’t).


Gus loved Simone and Simone put up with Gus. She had enjoyed her 8 months as Top Cat, even tho she missed Kilbey. Gus quickly grew about 7 times bigger than Simone and loved climbing on top of her and biting her neck. She was not down with this.

We recently said good-bye to our dear, sweet Simone after 18 years. I can think of no more fitting tribute than making you sit through this video that I made using such sophisticated technology as my Kodak EasyShare camera and Windows Movie Maker.

Please enjoy Simone and Gus: The Love Cats.

Click here to watch the video!