I’m Writing a Blog

My mission drive is to open up my eyes.
I don’t care who wants to stare these days.*


I do things. We all do things. Some things are exciting, some mundane, some just plain incomprehensible. Why should I write about what I do? More important, why should you read about what I do? Because, to paraphrase Seinfeld’s  George Costanza, it’s on the Internet. In blog form.

It took me about three days to go from making fun of people’s MySpace blogs (why is everyone whining and ranting into a seemingly uncaring cyberspace?) to downloading WordPress, finding and modifying a theme (3K2 Redux Klein by headsetoptions), registering a domain at bluehost.com, and jumping on the blogwagon.

Write about what you know, they say, and there’s nothing I know better than the things I do. Plus, blogs are ubiquitous. You almost can’t not write a blog these days. In a few years, everyone may be legally required to write a blog. So I figured I’d better get started.

There are blogs about technology, celebrities, food, travel, and blogging. There are blogs that offer a lot of useful information, while others are just funny and fun to read. And then there’s . . . this. Well, with I Do Things, I hope to combine a little of each of these types of blogs by sharing things I do in an entertaining way and providing some helpful and interesting stuff as well. I can’t promise I won’t whine or rant occasionally. And I’ll definitely LOL.

Those same people who say to write about what you know also recommend setting up a blog on your own domain rather than on a hosted site. I decided to shell out the $7 a month for my own domain, but damnit, I Do Things.com (don’t go there, trust me) was already taken. (You went there, didn’t you? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

That left me with I Do Things.biz or I Do Things.info. The .biz suffix didn’t seem quite right, but .info is a decent alternative to .com. After all, you’ll find plenty of info here at I Do Things. True, it’s all info about me, but I hope that reading about things I do will make you think about things you do, things you’d like to do . . . things you’re glad as hell you’ve never done.

Now, you may be expecting to read about some awesome things here: mountain climbing, surviving cancer, pulling bodies from burning buildings. Sorry, bub, I’m just a regular person who does regular things. If you’ve found your way here, you might learn about traveling in New Zealand or what happens when you mix Klonopin and Vicodin. Or maybe you just Googled “nude beach” (folks, it’s called keywords. If you can’t figure out a way to work in “nude,” “sex,” or “drugs,” your blog is doomed (kidding!).

After suggesting the domain name I Do Things Nude, my husband, Dave, worried that I would write about embarrassing personal stuff. “Don’t worry. No one’s gonna read it” (this just after assuring him I’d have thousands of hits in a few days). But please, ignore Dave’s concerns (there will be plenty of embarrassing personal stuff) and read my blog.

It’s on the Internet, after all.

If you want to write a blog

Start here:

  • ProBlogger.com Darren Rowse writes about making money with your blog but also offers plenty of other blog for thought.
  • Copyblogger focuses mainly on blog copywriting, but you’ll find a wide range of topics here, too.
  • Chris Garret on New Media Chris brings his expertise on media and marketing to the world of blog.
  • Lorelle on WordPress provides loads of useful information on the blogging software WordPress as well as other blog-related issues.

I also recommend actual printed-on-paper books, such that might be found on amazon.com, accessed via these helpful and colorful links:

    If you don’t care about your own domain name, set up a blog with one of these free platforms:

Whatever you do, have fun. Write about what you know, what you love, what you want other people to know and love. Or, sit back and let me do all the work. After all, I’m writing a blog so you don’t have to.

* Today’s lyrics are courtesy of The Wonder Stuff